Custom categories will be included in the competition

1. Radical -motorcycle without any limitations and boundaries, including the aggregate

2. Modified Harley Davidson -motorcycle with original engine and HD frame

3. Oldschool -a motorcycle built or rebuilt from components (frame, engine and other parts) manufactured before 1980

3. Café racer + Pro Street -sport-tuned motorcycles

4. Chopper + Cruiser -motorcycles modified with original engine and frame except HD brand

5. Bagger -modified travel touring motorcycles

6. Tuzemák / Inlander -motorcycles of Czechoslovak production

7. Top paint -the best paint jobs for motorcycles

8. Best Of -the highest rated machine of all categories

Those interested in entering the CUSTOM competition and exhibition must fill in the application form and the competition conditions.

Send the completed and signed application + competition conditions to: e-mail: